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How Demand Exchange helps

Our range of solutions and services cover all stages of the demand generation process.

Reduce cost per acquisition

Why pay for poor data that has no chance of converting into sales? Our clients are typically fed up with low-quality leads from publishers that rarely tick the right boxes.

We have stringent automated and manual processes to ensure the integrity of all data supplied to our partners.

Higher-quality leads will help to keep the sales and marketing engine of your business running on all cylinders, while also reducing your cost of sale.

Drive traffic and volume

We can drive the volume you need through Digital Doughnut, a sister company to Demand Exchange, and the world’s largest community of marketers and digital professionals.

We can also syndicate content through approved third-party publishers, enabling us to ramp up demand as required to help meet your volume requirements.

We syndicate a variety of content assets – including whitepapers, in-depth research reports, case studies and infographics - to drive downloads, as well as promoting webinars and physical events that require registration.

Manage data governance and compliance

We understand that you don’t just need good leads, you need leads gathered in a way that complies with increasingly demanding data privacy legislation requirements.

The leads we provide are fully opted in, and time- and date-stamped at the moment of capture. We can provide full provenance and history for every lead we provide.

We recognise that there are different interpretations of data privacy regulation, and work with our clients to ensure that we are satisfying their own particular requirements.

Provide clean and validated data

All information that comes through our smartforms is verified at the point of input, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Each lead undergoes a number of validation steps to ensure that the data provided is robust and delivers 100% against your expectations.

These steps include careful checking of job role and firmagraphic details such as business sector and company size.

Lead management

Demand Exchange allows you to manage your leads easily, including making it simple to filter and segment your data to show only prospects with specific traits that are of interest to your business.

You can also import campaign data from other publishers into our platform, helping you to apply consistent standards and criteria across all your leads, irrespective of where they have come from.

Lead intelligence

Demand Exchange helps you to identify what types of subject matter and content formats different individuals are engaging with, so you can personalise the approach you take accordingly.

Demand Exchange can also connect with your marketing automation and CRM systems so that leads can be scored and nurtured based on the explicit and implicit interests of prospects.

Our system also enables you to see clearly which specific leads and types of lead are converting into sales, and which publishers are performing most effectively.

Lead enrichment

As well as providing information gathered from our smartforms, we can also enrich your lead data by appending up to 200 additional columns of information, including further geographic, firmagraphic and demographic data.

As part of lead enrichment, we can also provide intelligence on what specific marketing and data technologies companies are already using, so you can better understand the potential to convert leads into sales.

Content intelligence

We provide detailed reporting that shows how your content assets are performing in terms of page impressions and downloads, and how this varies by publisher.

Detailed information about the performance of different types of content can help you refine your campaigns and optimise performance in the future.

The information we provide shows you where there is stronger interest globally for specific topics and themes, helping to inform your strategy in terms of which markets to prioritise and how you communicate with different types of prospect in different regions.

Planning and strategy

Demand Exchange is a technology platform, but we also provide strategic advice to help you set up or improve your demand generation activities.

Our research shows that companies succeeding at lead generation are more than twice as likely as their less successful counterparts to have a clear strategy and overall framework for their activities.

We can help you to understand what types of content might be required for different types of stakeholder, for example C-suite executives or practitioners who are more at the coal-face of marketing activities.

We also understand how different content assets are more likely to resonate at different points of the customer journey, and where you need to create additional content, or bolster your assets.

We can also create research-based content – and related articles and infographics - to drive your demand generation campaigns, powered by our sister company London Research.