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How Demand Exchange benefits your business

Create a new revenue stream for your business

Many B2B publishers are facing a commercial struggle because of the increasingly low returns from digital display advertising for those without huge scale.

Lead generation through the Demand Exchange platform is an effective way of earning money from the audience that you have worked hard as a publisher to cultivate.

Our publisher partners can cherry-pick suitable B2B marketing campaigns and content assets to syndicate to their audiences, in return for payment when leads are collected for advertisers.

Help build your audience

Collecting data via our platform is a great way to boost your subscriber lists and the size of the database you are able to market to.

Many people visiting your site will come and go without you ever knowing who they are beyond a cookie. Syndication of high-value, third-party content means that you can consolidate and build your database without having to create those assets yourself.

In summary, our campaigns give you a new way to build your mailing list and profit from the quality of your audience.

Build audience loyalty

Whether you are helping to syndicate insightful whitepapers, in-depth research reports or infographics, high-quality assets from some of the world’s leading technology companies are a great way of providing additional value to your audience.

We make sure that content assets marketed by B2B advertisers hit a certain quality threshold to ensure that they are generating the right quality and quantity of leads. In many cases, we actually produce the content through our sister brands Digital Doughnut and London Research .

Boost your reputation

Our publishers syndicate an array of content assets from some of the most high-profile B2B companies out there.

The ability to host high-quality content and resources from advertisers such as Adobe, Oracle, IBM and Sitecore will increase your profile and reputation by association.