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Accelerate your business with the DX Platform

DX enables B2B companies to generate ‘in market’ leads, shorten the sales cycle and increase revenues.

For B2B companies

Convert site visitors into sales prospects, utilising thought-leadership content and relevant assets to capture valuable leads.

  • Engage site visitors with relevant content that informs them and helps them make decisions
  • Capture enquiries and validate lead data in real time
  • Ensure the highest standards of data governance and compliance across owned lead sources and the supply chain
  • Provide resources hubs for buyers planning and actively researching investments
  • Manage and extend your network of lead generation suppliers at scale, in one place
  • Activate and manage partner channel marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively to save you time, money and effort

For publishers

Create inspirational content hubs, amplify advertisers' content and access the DX network to help fulfil partner campaigns on time and on budget.

  • Develop incremental revenue through lead generation partnerships
  • Improve the quality of the data you capture for you and your clients
  • Launch and manage content campaigns across multiple websites
  • Build campaigns with no reliance on your IT department or need for additional headcount
  • Expand your reach and build mailing lists while monetising your audience

For agencies

End-to-end solution for launching campaign sites or building and developing B2B publisher networks to deploy client content campaigns at scale.

  • Deploy, manage and analyse multiple, global lead generation campaigns
  • Save 90% of the time spent creating landing page campaigns
  • Manage all your lead generation campaigns on a single platform
  • Ensure 100% clean data, delivered into a platform of your choice
  • Increase retention with integrations into clients’ sales and marketing platforms

For events businesses

Showcase exhibitors’ content to drive engagement. Make content available on-demand, generate views of presentations and capture valuable leads for your exhibitors.

  • Capture high-value ‘in market’ leads for your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Make content available on-demand
  • Generate views of presentations
  • Develop a loyal following of on-demand content subscribers
  • Create value for site visitors and attendees by providing specialist content hubs

For trade organisations and associations

Enable your members to share their thought-leadership content with your community, manage knowledge, resources, award entries and event registrations.

  • Showcase member and supplier resources to generate value for members
  • Create additional and quantifiable benefits to bolster your membership
  • Generate demand and new business opportunities for your members
  • Showcase your research, awards and events while capturing the data of prospective members and generating new membership enquiries

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Supercharge the reach of your campaigns

Generate more sales leads by accessing the DX network, providing additional reach for your campaigns by enabling you to syndicate your content across a global network of aligned sites.

Beautiful AI-powered content and resources hubs

  • AI-indexed for more relevant search results and better content discovery
  • Establish trust to increase conversions, display auto-generated read times for gated content
  • Geo-fence resources, controlling how content is delivered at a country level

Landing pages that convert

  • Create engaging, on-brand landing pages that are native to your site
  • Save time and effort by creating landing pages that are auto-generated from your assets
  • Negate reliance or IT or tech teams to support your campaigns

Frictionless forms

  • Improve the quality of the data you collect
  • Verify email and phone numbers in real time
  • Capture consent with GDPR/CCPA compliant opt-ins

Smart widgets

  • Target companies visiting your site with explicit messaging and content
  • Promote content geographically
  • Increase relevance through contextual and behavioural targeting

Smart banners

  • Target visitors to create a personalised experience
  • Highlight and promote relevant offers
  • Generate more leads and inquiries from your traffic


  • Create campaign tracking links
  • Attribute leads to channels and third-party publishers
  • Optimise performance

Verification and validation

  • Define your lead qualification criteria or create account-based marketing (ABM) lists to validate against
  • Identify leads that have a higher propensity to convert into new customers
  • Save time by automating the matching of lead data against your criteria

Lead management and compliance

  • Manage consent, permissions and opt-ins
  • Append full contact and engagement history
  • Retrieve contact data with audit trail of how and when consent was gained


  • Integration with CRM, marketing automation and business platforms
  • Seamless delivery of leads, so no more manual uploads
  • Removal of risk of human error when importing lead data

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