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Demand Exchange is an advanced lead generation platform that helps B2B companies increase revenues and reduce costs.

Data from London Research shows that lead quality is the biggest challenge facing B2B marketers working on lead generation. We recognise that identifying high-quality sources of leads at the required volumes is a huge challenge for businesses. Why continue paying for sub-standard leads that don’t meet your requirements?

Our platform generates leads that are GDPR-compliant, validated and verified, so you only pay for the data that matches your specified criteria.

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How Demand Exchange helps

Our range of solutions and services cover all stages of the demand generation process.

Reduce cost per acquisition

The clean, trustworthy and qualified leads we provide will reduce your cost of sale by making your sales and marketing processes more efficient.

Drive traffic and volume

We provide unrivalled reach through our own publishing channels, as well as through our alliances with publishers across aligned industry verticals.

Manage data governance and compliance

We are fully compliant with global data privacy regulation, including the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Provide clean and validated data

Data hygiene is at the heart of everything we do. Our smartforms and validation technology ensure that you get leads of the highest quality.

Lead management

Our intuitive workflows and functionality take away the pain associated with managing large volumes of data, enabling you to filter your leads so you can home in on the best prospects.

Lead intelligence

Our lead intelligence algorithms give you a more rounded and granular view of leads.

Lead enrichment

Augment your lead information with a range of additional data points so you have as many useful data points as possible relating to individual prospects.

Content intelligence

Benchmark how your content is performing, so you can refine your campaigns and deploy your assets as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Planning and strategy

We provide advice on your content and demand generation strategies, significantly improving your chances of meeting your marketing and sales objectives.

Our unique platform features take away your lead generation pain

Our proprietary technology platform has a range of features to help solve your demand generation challenges. Our mission is to help you manage all aspects of your lead generation activity, from syndication of content and data capture, through to lead management and intelligence relating both to leads and content.


We provide the reach you require to fulfil high volumes of leads, by syndicating content through our network of partner publishers, as well as leveraging our own online communities.

Data capture

We provide numerous options for collecting and importing data, based on your specific requirements. We make it as easy as possible for you to get data into - and out of - our system.

Verification and validation

We check data in real time to eradicate errors associated with the manual inputting data into forms, saving you time on data-cleansing and chasing up poor-quality leads.

Lead qualification

Our platform has been built to ensure that you only receive leads that match against your target persona requirements, relating to criteria including company size, location and seniority.

Data enrichment

Our platform connects with third-party data providers, enabling us to augment the data we collect through our smartforms with a wide range of additional information sources.

Data output

We make sure the way you receive data from Demand Exchange is as hassle-free as possible, enabling exports that can be done at the click of a button.


We make it easy to integrate lead data with other technology systems, including leading marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Reporting, analytics and tracking ROI

Our on-demand reporting functionality gives you a clear picture about the status of campaigns, including engagement with content and the number of leads generated.

Account-based marketing

We can focus on a list of target companies, helping you to make multiple connections within a single business.